Monday, November 3, 2014

Binge Watching HGTV On Netflix

We don't have cable television at our house but we do have Netflix that we can watch on a tablet, computer, or phone. For a long time my husband has been urging me to make more use of the Netflix subscription (if we don't use it we are wasting our money). I resisted because I could really see myself getting caught up in a show and spending a lot of time watching Netflix when I should be doing other things.

Well I finally succumbed to the temptation when I heard that some HGTV shows are available via Netflix. I always try to catch HGTV anytime I am staying in a hotel so I have seen a few episodes of several of the current shows.

Since beginning binge watching a few days ago, I have tried Love It Or List It, which I had previously seen a few episodes of. The premise of the show is that a couple is trying to decide whether to remodel their current home or move. A real estate agent tries to find them a new house while a designer works on their new house. The show ends with the couple making the decision to "love it" or "list it". This show is very scripted and formulaic. Even though I enjoy seeing the remodeled spaces the bad acting gets on my nerves and I can't really binge watch. Most of the homes that are featured would benefit from a good de-cluttering and the picking up and putting away of a lot of stuff. If they did that many of them wouldn't need the extra space that they all seem to be looking for.

A show that I just started watching yesterday is Flea Market Flip. This one is definitely binge-worthy. I have already watched 3 or 4 episodes. Teams compete to buy items at a flea market. After revamping the items they sell them at another flea market. So far I have seen some surprising ideas for making over flea market finds. I love to explore a good flea market even if it is just vicariously.

My favorite show so far is Rehab Addict. I had never seen this one and I blew right through all the episodes from season 1, all that are available from Netflix. I love old houses so this show is right up my alley. It features Nichole Curtis rehabbing old houses in Minneapolis. I like that she tries to save as many of the original features and as much of the old materials in these houses as possible. She also makes use of materials that are reclaimed, recycled, or found on the side of the curb or in someone's garbage. She uses salvaged materials when she has to replace something in a house--doors, windows, floor boards, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixture. Yeah, I just might be addicted to this show. Don't tell my husband but I just might have to get cable so I can watch the new episodes.

Go Behind the Scenes With Rehab Addict
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